A little noisy fun at work.



At work today I needed to call the dispatch center to get an update on a dispatch ticket that was past due but not yet completed. As I was going through the voice prompts to enter my user ID and ticket number in question, I heard a strange noise on the line that sounded like a bad connection in progress but still a noise unlike anything I ever heard before.

Then I realized I was listening to my own breathing. For some strange reason there was not a good connection on the call and there was a slight network lag that resulted in a slight delay before I heard my voice or any sounds I made. Before I knew it, I was playing with an echo while waiting to speak with a dispatch agent.

Then I had an idea and adjusted the microphone sensitivity on my headset and noticed that the echo was now slightly intensified. Finally, I removed my headset, placed the microphone next the earpiece and generated some feedback that created a strange buzzing noise. This was getting more fun by the minute.

I was still on hold so I played with the echo some more before removing the headset one more time to create some more of the buzzing feedback. When I put my headset back on, that’s when I heard the agent who finally came on the line.

He did a nice job ignoring the noise.

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