Essential apps from DU Apps.

Recently I made the move to the 21st century and upgraded to an Android-based cell phone. Since then I’ve been having fun browsing the Google Play Store and trying out some of the apps I find of interest there. Some apps don’t stay installed for long as I tire of them quickly while others have proven themselves so useful I continue using them every day.

The apps from DU Apps Studio definitely fit in the Useful category. I have two of them installed, starting with the DU Speed Booster, which keeps your phone running in peak condition by cleaning up junk files, optimizing the RAM and terminating unnecessary processes that run in the background. It also has a built-in virus scanner that scans any apps you download and confirms they’re safe for use.

The virus scanner actually saved my phone once. I was downloading a silly app from the Google Play Store that claims to detect the presence of ghosts when Speed Booster intervened to inform me the app was malicious. I uninstalled it right away before it could do any harm. This was the one and only time I got such an alert from all the apps I’ve downloaded. I wonder how such an app even made it to Google Play in the first place.

Other cool features include easy access to the App Uninstaller and the Permission Manager that gives you control of what the apps can access on your phone. It’s scary to see how nosy a lot of them are.

The companion DU Battery Optimizer app maximizes your usage between charges. It terminates any power-hungry processes that drain your battery and helps you implement simple changes to your phone settings to prolong your battery’s life, such as turning off your Wi-Fi, adjusting the brightness and decreasing the idle time before the phone sleeps. It even calculates the additional usage time you gain as a result of these changes.

This app really opened my eyes as to what really goes on in my phone. Some of the apps quietly set themselves up to start when I turn on my phone while others start up by themselves to try connecting to the Internet, such as Dropbox and Evernote. None of them have any place to hide during the optimization process.

These are some serious quality apps that work wonders. They should come pre-installed on every phone.

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