Kevin tries e-mailing himself home.

“Kevin!” Charles was startled. “What on Earth are you doing?”

Kevin was seated at his desk while wearing a motorcycle helmet with a USB cable duct-taped on the side and plugged into the computer on his desk.

“Oh, hi Charles,” Kevin greeted. “I’m trying to see if I can load myself in Notepad and e-mail myself home.”

Charles shook his head. Yet another Internet rumor had Kevin tightly held within its grasp of useless reason. Charles himself had heard the rumor and was quick to dispel it. Too bad Kevin hadn’t.

“And let me guess,” Charles asked with a tone of sarcasm, “is the inside of your helmet lined with aluminum foil?”


“Shiny side down?”


“Kevin, this is just a waste-”

“There’s nothing wrong with trying!” Kevin bellowed.

Whenever Kevin said those words, Charles knew there was nothing that could change Kevin’s mind now. There was nothing else to do but let Kevin continue wasting his time instead of attending to more urgent matters.

“Sorry to bother you,” Charles muttered, slowly backing his way out of Kevin’s office and watching the ridiculous spectacle of a department manager sitting at his desk while wearing a motorcycle helmet.

Charles closed the door to Kevin’s office and was walking back to his desk when suddenly he heard a loud thud and a yelp. Startled, Charles dashed back to his office and pushed the door open.

“KEVIN!” Charles yelled.

There was no Kevin in the office. Charles began to wonder if it really was possible to e-mail yourself this way.

Then the chair behind Kevin’s desk moved as Kevin emerged from under the desk, still wearing his helmet. He got back on the chair and resumed working at his computer.

“Kevin!” Charles yelled again. “What happened?”

“My Magic 8-ball rolled off my desk.” Kevin replied. “Good thing it didn’t break. Now, can you help me e-mail myself home?”

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