When tech support goes wrong.

Agent: Tech support, can I help you?
Customer: Yes, my TV service isn’t working.
Agent: I can help you with that. Are you not able to receive any live programming at all?
Customer: No, nothing, just a blank screen.
Agent: How many TV’s do you have?
Customer: Just one.
Agent: Do you have a model number?
Customer: Where do I find that?
Agent: There should be a yellow sticker on the bottom of the TV.
Customer: Excuse me, did you say on the bottom of my TV?
Agent: Yes.
Customer: But I have a very large and heavy TV.
Agent: I understand that, but I need the model number before I can continue troubleshooting.
Customer: So I need to move the TV just so I can read you the sticker on the bottom.
Agent: Correct.
Customer: All right, hold on.
(Customer puts phone down and lies down on the floor to try moving the TV off the shelf. Suddenly there is the sound of something heavy falling followed by a disgusting squishing sound.)
Agent: Hello, sir? (No answer.) Sir? (No answer.) Hello? (No answer.) Okay, I’m going to send out a technician and call you back later. Have a good day.

Customer says TV service is not working. Instructed customer to check sticker on the bottom of the TV to obtain model number. Customer states he has a large TV but I told him I needed the model number in order to continue troubleshooting. Customer put phone down to move the TV but I heard something heavy fall accompanied by a disgusting squishing sound. Customer did not respond to my questions. I waited 10 minutes, still no response from customer, so I scheduled a dispatch and a callback to follow up.

Technician5> Are you the clown who scheduled the dispatch for this customer?
Agent> yes
Technician5> The customer is DEAD!!!!!
Agent> are you sure?
Technician5> Let’s see, head squashed flat from the TV that fell on him, brains coming out through the nostrils, does that answer your question?????
Agent> oopsies

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