Just another day at work.

The door to the call room opened and the agents entered as they walked to their cubicles to begin their shifts. Some agents wore happy faces, clearly looking forward to the day ahead while others looked uncertain and worried.

“Good morning!” the floor manager announced as he watched the agents take their seats at their cubicles. “Today’s another big day!”

Everyone logged on their workstations, launched their tools and put on their headsets in anticipation of another busy day of calls. The floor manager looked around the room and saw that all the agents were logged on and ready to go.

“Okay, ladies and gentlemen,” the floor manager announced, “here come the calls!”

Beeping noises were heard from phones all over the call room as the calls began pouring in. Also heard throughout the room were the voices of the agents as they answered the phones.

“Thank you for calling Dial-A-Moron. DUHHH. Have a good day.”

Just another day at work.

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