Stream audio from your PC to Android.

Recently I was looking for ways to stream music directly from my desktop computer to my Android phone. During my search I came across two apps that help me achieve this objective.

SoundWire – This cool app transmits whatever audio is playing on your PC, whether it’s music from your favorite media player or a streaming video, to your phone. You will need the SoundWire server installed for this to work. It’s lightweight, very easy to set up and the sound quality is very good. My only complaint is the slight audio delay when you’re watching videos but it’s not too big a deal.

SubsonicThis is the streaming solution I’ve been looking for. It turns your computer into a full-featured music server with support for a wide range of music file formats. The Android app is even more impressive. You can actually browse your music library and choose which songs to play, right from your phone. I use it to stream my iTunes library and can easily access the playlists I created for my favorite artists. On the downside my computer now takes longer to start up as it loads the Subsonic server but the rest of the cool features easily outweigh my complaints.

Having found these two handy apps I think my search has ended.

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