Memories of my uncle.

Lately I’ve been thinking of the good times I had with my dearly departed relatives during their visits to Florida. I especially have fond memories of my late uncle who lived in Washington state and had only been to Florida twice. During one of those two visits, he spent an entire day alone with me for some serious quality time.

That day we decided to go visit Butterfly World, which required a drive on the Florida Turnpike. As we drove through one of the toll booths to pay the toll, he got curious about a sign that read “Wipers Off Please”. I had seen the sign before during my previous trips on the Turnpike but never thought much about it, but my uncle was so curious that he asked the toll booth attendant about the sign. She told us it’s so they don’t get wet from the wipers splashing water on them during rainy weather.

We arrived at Butterfly World and had a great time, but since then each time I think about that day with my uncle, I always think about him asking about that sign at the toll booth. It was a brief moment of illumination that created a very strong memory that lingers to this day.

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