A question regarding the cloud.

Now that cloud backup services have become the norm of Internet life, I can’t help wonder if there are people who use more than one such service for their backup needs. I myself use three, yes, three cloud backup services for my backups. Each one serves my needs in their own unique way.

1. OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) – As part of the training for Microsoft tech support job I once had, I had to sign up for an account on SkyDrive for uploading the study materials. It was the very first cloud backup service I used and still use it for my backups.

2. Box – I use this to store the work-related files for my current job as tech support for AT&T. Its integrated file viewer is a real plus.

3. Dropbox – Although I use it for backing up my files, I mainly use it for storing photos I take with my phone’s camera. After taking my pictures, I run the app and it uploads the pictures to my Dropbox account where I can later download them to my desktop computer. Way more fun than transferring the pictures via USB.

I wonder if there are any other cloud fanatics out there who use more than one online backup service.

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