Troubleshoot your slow connection speeds.

Today at work I had a customer who was having slow speed issues with his wireless connection to the Internet. The previous tech support agent he worked with had him change the wireless channel on his router from channel 9 to 7 and I had called the customer back to see if this solved the problem. It didn’t, so I had to do some additional troubleshooting.

As part of the troubleshooting process, I have the customer temporarily disable any file-sharing or cloud backup software that can cause the slower speed. This customer didn’t have any such software running, so I went on to the next step to make sure the customer was fairly close to the wireless router. Distance from the router can also have a negative effect on your connection speed. The customer was already in the same room as the router but each time he ran the speed test, the results always showed that he was getting speeds slower than the speed plan he was paying for.

What solved the problem was having the customer change the wireless channel on the router one more time, this time to channel 2. The router firmware can be accessed using a web browser and usually resides at There he could access the menu for changing his wireless settings, and it was there he changed the wireless channel to use channel 2. Immediately he noticed a huge improvement in his connection speed and he considered his problem solved.

Hopefully these tips will give you ideas on how to troubleshoot your own slow speed connections.

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