The perks of wearing hearing aids.

I have worn hearing aids all my life and they too often feel like a burden and an annoyance. My very hearing depends on fresh batteries, tubing free of cracks and hearing aids in proper working condition. But there was a time when I brushed all that aside and truly enjoyed the advantages of wearing hearing aids.

Years ago I visited Washington, D.C. while on vacation with my family. One of the museums we visited was the Museum of Natural History. At the front desk were special radio receivers available for rent that you would take with you as you explored the museum. The receiver would pick up narratives of the exhibits broadcast through a small radio transmitter near the exhibits.

As we were walking through the museum, I decided to switch my hearing aids to telephone mode which activates a internal telecoil that’s able to pick up electromagnetic signals and convert them to sounds. This is what helps me hear on the phone. I think I had a habit of occasionally switching my hearing aids to telephone mode just to hear what sounds I can pick up and when I switched to telephone mode at the museum, I was very pleasantly surprised to hear the broadcast narratives of the exhibits directly through my hearing aids. No radio receiver needed. Needless to say that was the most fun I have ever had at any museum and definitely the most fun I ever had wearing hearing aids.

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