Fun with 3DSteroid.

I was curious about apps that can create stereoscopic photos, and a quick search on the Google Play store led me to 3DSteroid, which accomplishes the said objective with ease. Taking stereoscopic photos with an ordinary camera can be tricky as you have to move the camera to the right while keeping it at the same height as the first photo, but 3DSteroid actually makes this part easy by superimposing your first image on top of the live camera view to help you position your phone for the second shot before creating the stereoscope.

I decided to test this app by taking a picture of my stuffed tiger. I can save the resulting stereoscope as side-by-side images that require merging the image with your eyes to view:


Or I can save it as an anaglyph that requires red/blue viewing glasses:


I used to be really into taking stereoscopic photos but my interest had since waned, but it’s apps like 3DSteroid that help rekindle my passion for this artistic approach to photography. I’m glad I found it.

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