Landing myself in hot water.

I got in trouble at work today. One of the call room managers listened to one of my calls after receiving a complaint from the customer who had called me earlier in the day looking for some help with his phone service. The manager became so upset that she called me in to her office and had me listen to the offending call before sending me home early with no dessert. This is the call that started the mess:

CUSTOMER: I’m having a problem with my phone service. It works great except for one strange little problem. Everyone I know can call me and get through with no problem, but the one person who can’t call me is my girlfriend. Every time she tries calling my number, she gets a message saying that my number is not in service. This is very strange considering I can get calls from everyone else but not my girlfriend. What should I do?

ME: Get yourself another girlfriend.

There might be a lesson or two in there somewhere but I’m not sure what. Oh well.

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