Nacho Day.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the floor manager announced to the agents in the call room, “today is Nacho Day!”

“Big deal,” replied one of the agents, “yesterday wasn’t my day either.”

“Ha ha,” the floor manager laughed mockingly before continuing. “In appreciation for all your dedication and hard work, we are treating everyone to all the nachos you can eat! Enjoy a tasty treat, on us!”

Faces of agents all over the room lit up at the good news. Then the floor manager looked to the ceiling and shouted, “OKAY, RELEASE THE CHIPS!”

There was a faint rumbling noise above the ceiling that grew louder and louder as the ceiling tiles began to sag. Suddenly the ceiling collapsed as an avalanche of tortilla chips came pouring down to nearly bury the agents still seated at their desks. The chips continued pouring in to fill nearly the entire room.

After a few minutes the pouring stopped and there was an awkward silence as the agents sat, buried up to their necks in tortilla chips, while stunned and not believing what just happened. Then they started munching on the chips in silent gratitude for getting such a handsome reward.

“We’re not finished yet,” the floor manager announced, “Get ready, because here comes the cheese sauce!”

The fire sprinklers came on and began spraying cheese sauce all over the room, covering not only the chips but also the agents and the walls. After a few minutes they shut off, leaving behind a giant layer of cheese sauce covering the tortilla chips all over the room.

“ENJOY!” the floor manager yelled before watching the agents dig in. He smiled before turning to the assistant floor manager. “Look at them go.”

“Yes, it’s very nice,” replied the assistant floor manager, “but I don’t think it’s a good idea to go with your plan to serve spaghetti and meatballs next week.”

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