Map your bike rides.


MapMyRide is one of the coolest apps I have on my phone. It uses GPS to turn your phone into a handy companion to have along during your long bike rides. As you ride, it plots your route on a map, measures your speed, shows you how far you’ve ridden and even how many calories you burned during your ride. When you’re finished riding, it uploads the data to your profile on the MapMyRide web site to keep track of your two-wheel workouts. I sense the site is also a social network for sharing your experience with other bicycling fanatics.

The above screenshot shows what was recorded during my very first ride using the app. I had my phone mounted on the cell phone holder and took off for a very invigorating nighttime bike ride. As I rode I could see my route on the map along with real-time measurements of my speed, distance and calorie consumption. Very impressive.

I will continue using the DigiHUD Speedometer app for my shorter bike rides but when I embark on my longer rides I will definitely fire up MapMyRide to record them for posterity. This is one cool app that belongs on every bicycling enthusiast’s phone.

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