Parting ways with Box.

Three strikes and Box is out.

After a year of enjoying secure cloud-based file storage and excellent customer service, I ran into a series of mishaps that left me so frustrated that I decided to give Box the boot.

Strike one: Box Sync no longer works. For the longest time I was able to use the Box Sync application to synchronize files in my local folders with the Box servers with no problem. That all changed a few days ago when I was trying to upload some updated files and noticed that Box Sync was just sitting there in my system tray and giving me no indication it was updating my files. I closed Box Sync and tried restarting it with no success, and then I uninstalled it and did a complete re-install. When I tried running it afterwards, absolutely nothing happened. No login window, no tray icon, not even a desktop icon.

Strike two: Box’s customer service has lost their golden touch. I was frustrated enough with Box Sync no longer working that I deleted all my files and purged them from the trash. The next day I had a change of heart and decided to contact their tech support for assistance in restoring the purged files. I had purged files from the trash before and they were able to bring my files back within minutes of my submitting the trouble ticket. Not this time. For some strange reason, tech support had to escalate my ticket to the next level of support and needed me to grant them temporary access to my account. They didn’t do any of this the first time. A few hours later the folder structure was restored but my files were still missing. That only escalated my frustration.

Strike three: I can no longer log in through the mobile app. I had the Box mobile app installed on my phone which I previously used with no problem. Today when I tried accessing my account through my phone, I had put in my user name and password and then entered the code from the text message they sent as part of the two-step verification process that I set up. Right after that it gave me a login error and a message for me to contact support. That was all I could take from a bad day on Box and I deleted my account there a few minutes later.

I won’t go back to Box again and no longer recommend it. It’s sad to see them go downhill the way they have.

UPDATE: Box has got some nerve e-mailing me links to surveys asking me how they did after failing to resolve my three issues. I responded by giving them the worst possible scores on any survey I’ve ever filled out. Box is now the first cloud backup service I strongly dislike. I won’t ever use them again.

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