A visitor in the night.

misc-true-storyI still have vivid memories of a very frightening nightmare I had when I was a kid. But then, chances were that it may not have been a nightmare at all but some uninvited visitor from beyond the realm of my darkest fears.

There I was, a young kid of perhaps four or five years of age, lying there in my bed in my dark bedroom, trying to sleep when out it pounced from nowhere with a piercing yell, a very frightening creature with a glowing white face with features slightly resembling a skull with piercing white eyes. I could feel its weight as it rested on my chest while staring at me in the face for a split second before it disappeared just as quickly as it had arrived.

I don’t know what happened after that but I am sure I was much too scared to sleep. I most likely got out of bed and walked across the dark hallway to seek comfort from my parents even if it meant waking them up in the middle of the night.

That nightmare still frightens me even today when I think about it. I still wonder if it was either a nightmare or a nighttime visit from some mischievous glowing monster from nowhere. I may never know.

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