A touch of Twilight.

Sometimes the coolest apps you download are the ones you weren’t even looking for.

Case in point: I was recently browsing the Google Play Store for some addictive games when I came across an app called Twilight. It caught my attention for a second and I nearly skipped it as I prepared to resume my quest for addictive gaming glory. Then my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to give Twilight a try, and I’m certainly glad I did. It happens to be one of the coolest apps I have ever downloaded.

If you ever find yourself having trouble falling asleep, the bluish spectrum emanating from your phone’s screen may be to blame. According to the Twilight documentation, this bluish spectrum may interfere with your body’s natural rhythm and suppress the production of the Melatonin hormone that promotes healthy sleep.

Enter the Twilight app. It filters out this blue light and applies a soft and very pleasant red filter that promotes the production of Melatonin. Even better, the app can be set up to turn on this red filter after sunset so you won’t be bothered by it during the day.

I don’t use my phone before bedtime very often so I haven’t yet experienced its sleep-enhancing benefits, but I can already appreciate the way it reduces my phone’s brightness as not to hurt my eyes should I need to consult my phone while outside at night.

Here are some screenshots of Twilight in action. This is my phone’s main screen without Twilight running:

2014-11-25 18.30.28

And here’s the same screen enhanced by Twilight.

2014-11-25 18.30.44

Under normal lighting the second screen may look strange but when you’re in the dark, the reddish color effectively reduces the brightness and makes reading the screen much easier on the eyes.

Looks like I found another keeper.

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