TrueCrypt lives.

For years I’ve been using TrueCrypt to back up my files in encrypted file containers I could later mount as disk drives for easy access. It had been undergoing active development with new versions steadily released over time to keep the software stable and secure. Then all of a sudden, development ceased when Microsoft ended support for some of its older operating systems and all that’s on offer now is a crippled version of TrueCrypt that only loads existing data and not create new file containers. Oh, and all those scary messages about it being “no longer secure”.

Yesterday when I was visiting Gibson Research Corporation’s web site, I came across their TrueCrypt repository with links to download the final, fully-functional version of TrueCrypt that creates the new encrypted containers. Steve Gibson is convinced that this final version of TrueCrypt is still safe to use, and I agree with his argument that the developers simply stopped working on it as not to turn the project over to the Internet community even though it is open source. Apparently the developers thought this was the only way to keep the project theirs without getting some outside help to keep the project going.

And there appears to be such a team on the horizon willing to continue developing TrueCrypt. Some programmers in Switzerland are going to give it a try and are too offering older versions of the software for download. I’ll keep an eye on this site and watch for further developments.

In the meantime, I’m back in business with TrueCrypt since downgrading to the final, fully functional version for creating new file containers that are just as robust and secure as the others I have in my backups. I am sensing no difference in its ability to secure my data.

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