The World’s Largest Boo.


My afternoon nap was instantly shattered by a loud noise coming from outside my house. I jumped up from the couch I had been sleeping on and ran outside to investigate. Parked in the driveway was a delivery truck from Amazon with a huge loudspeaker mounted on its roof and inside was its driver, holding a microphone.

“What was that all about!” I bellowed.

“Sorry to scare you,” greeted the driver, “but our records indicate that you placed an order for the World’s Largest Boo.”

“I did no such thing!” I protested.

“Well, according to this, you most certainly did.” The driver produced an invoice that was labelled with my name and address along with my order, clearly showing the title “World’s Largest Boo”.

But I was still confused.

“Were you doing anything on Amazon when you placed the order?” asked the driver.

“Well, yes, I was browsing the Amazon store on my Kindle…oh no.”

Then it all made sense. Hours earlier I was lying on the couch browsing the Amazon Store on my Kindle when I became curious about the world’s largest book, but alas, I fell asleep before I could type the letter “k” to finish typing the search query “world’s largest book”.

Now you know the rest of the story.

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