Back on Box.

It’s been a month since I posted a rather angry post about Box. At the time I was having back to back issues not seen with other cloud services I’ve used and it became frustrating to the point where I just decided to cancel the service and move on to a different service. I had the same feelings about Evernote last year when its new interface dramatically slowed down my computer at work and I decided to quit using it, but over time I missed it and decided to give it another chance and since then I’ve been a loyal Evernote user.

I had the same feelings about Box. During the month since cancelling my account I began to miss its integrated file viewing capabilities, a feature I had not seen in some of the other services and one I found most handy. So I submitted a ticket to have my account re-activated and less than 10 minutes later customer service had rendered my account accessible and ready for use.

The next step was downloading the Box Sync software so I can re-upload my files but the installer kept failing with a Setup Failed error. Additionally it gave me a “0x80004005 – Unspecified Error” message, leaving me clueless to the point where I had to submit another ticket. While waiting for their response, I explored the Box Help section and came across the MSI version of the Box Sync installer. This worked, and as I type this post, Box Sync is currently uploading my files.

In my last post about Box, I reported not being able to log in through their app. This seems to have been corrected as I am now able to access my files on Box through my phone. Very nice.

So far, so good with giving Box another chance. The only issue I’m still having is that it’s showing that I’m using 153MB of disk space, despite nothing showing up on the main screen or in my trash bin. I suspect these could be files I needed help recovering from my trash bin but I deleted my account before tech support could assist me further. That was a mistake on my part and this time I’m going to let tech support help me with this one.

And they just did. While I was typing that last paragraph, I received a response from tech support saying they fixed this, and sure enough, my quota is where it should be with the files I’ve uploaded so far.

And so, all my issues with Box have been addressed and I am once again a happy Box user. I’m hoping things stay that way.

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