A cool compass app.

Ever since concluding that having a compass on my phone would be a handy thing to have, I’ve been going down the list of compass apps at the Google Play Store in search of one I felt suited me best. Granted, all compass apps basically work the same, but there are some that give me a little more information than I need, such as GPS coordinates and magnitude levels of the magnetic field.


Out of all the compass apps I’ve tried, I like the one from MacroPinch the best. It is by far the smoothest and best-looking compass of the bunch. It does operate a little differently from the other compasses as the digital degree readout corresponds to the direction the red needle is pointing. This tends to create a little confusion. When I point my phone west, the readout indicates the compass is facing east instead. I thought this was a bug, but it turns out this is by design. Maybe this will be fixed in a future release but I’m happy with this handy app just pointing me in the right direction.

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