Santa’s doorbell.

I had a dream last night in which I was doing some work in the attic. There were some other people up there helping me with the renovations and my mind was nearly set on getting rid of the excess clutter to leave my attic better organized.

When I was looking around the attic to survey the work to be done, I saw something of interest on the wall near the ceiling. There, sitting on a small shelf just large enough, was a single electric locomotive, the kind that zips around happily on its track around the Christmas tree. I had never seen it there before.

Upon taking a closer look, I saw a black cord that ran from the back of the locomotive into a small hole in the wall behind it as if to draw its power from somewhere in the house. This only deepened the mystery. I had been living in this house for years and never even knew of its existence.

Upon waking up, I began to think about this strange but delightful dream and managed to solve the mystery. The locomotive was there to serve as Santa’s doorbell, with the black cord connected to the doorbell button somewhere on the roof for Santa to ring to announce his arrival.

So on nights when you hear a faint sound of a toy locomotive sounding its horn from the attic, you’ll know exactly what it means.

Merry Christmas.

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