Sync your files across the cloud with Odrive.

As I write this post, I am using not one, not two but three cloud file storage services, each of them having features unique from each other. Once again my primary storage provider is Box, which I’m happily using now that my multiple technical issues with the service have been all resolved at the hands of their excellent support staff. I recommend them very highly.

I’m also using Dropbox to synchronize my essential files to my laptop running Linux. It’s the only storage service I know of that actually has client software available for Linux-based operating systems. I also like their mobile app that automatically uploads pictures I take with my phone.

And finally, I like Yandex Disk for its ability to import my photos from Facebook, where I have multiple photo albums containing my photography. They show up in separate folders to better organize my photos for easier browsing.

I came across a cool service called Odrive that brings these multiple services together in one interface. Although Yandex Disk isn’t supported as of yet, Google Drive, Gmail, Microsoft OneDrive, and Instagram are on the list. Over time this list is expected to grow as the software continues to evolve.

Once the Odrive software is installed, you only need to link your existing accounts before they show up as separate folders in your Explorer window. Switching accounts is as quick and easy as switching folders, and files stored on your services are synced to your hard drive as you need them, allowing you to open them for viewing or editing as if they were on your hard drive all along.

This is a seriously cool service that will come in handy if you use multiple cloud storage services as I do. I’m going to have to play around with this to see what all I can do. It’s a cool idea whose time has finally come.

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