An alternative to CCleaner.

CCleaner has long been one of my favorite system cleaners. I use it often to purge my browser cache and any other junk files that take up disk space. I’ll always continue using it as it’s served its purpose well time and time again.

I recently came across another system cleaner that may very well compete with CCleaner. Privazer takes a more thorough approach in its cleaning operations as it cleans your browser history, junk files and other temporary files that can safely be deleted. In the process it preserves your privacy by removing traces of your usage.

When you first run Privazer, it walks you through a series of screens asking what it is you’d like to clean up and gives you options on how it will conduct its cleaning operations. Novice users will feel at ease with the simplistic, user-friendly interface but power users will appreciate the advanced options for even more cleaning power.

Due to its more thorough nature, Privazer takes longer to run the first time. It took 50 minutes for it to clean my system and clear the free space on my hard drive. It’s able to detect unused sectors of the hard drive and leaves those alone so it can concentrate on clearing those sectors with previously deleted data. CCleaner would take over an hour to clean my system and clear the free space.

I’m going to continue using CCleaner as I usually do, but I will definitely add Privazer to my list of programs to run as part of my monthly system maintenance.

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