The hunt for Smart Card drivers for Windows 7.

I just bought myself a Sunpak 72-in-1 card reader that includes a slot for inserting SIM cards from mobile phones. I’m planning on switching to a less expensive carrier, a move that requires the purchase of new SIM cards to work with the new service. Hence the purchase of the card reader for transferring my data to the new SIM card.

I plugged the new card reader into my Windows 7 desktop and everything on it works except for the SIM card. The instructions say to install the SIM card software from the manufacturer’s web site but their downloads page only has PDF files of the user manuals and nothing else.

So began a wild goose chase across the Internet to find the elusive drivers which I eventually found here, buried deep in the manufacturer’s web site. I ran the installer and when I plugged in the card reader afterwards, I got a notification from Windows 7 about some missing smart card drivers. You’d think they be already be included with the driver archive but they weren’t. So once again I got out on the Web to find them.

It seems ironic that the best way to address Windows’ complaint of the missing Smart Card drivers is not install any drivers at all. I came across this page with instructions on disabling the Smart Card Plug and Play services. After following these instructions and rebooting my computer, the problem was solved.

I still needed to locate some software in order to work with SIM cards. I downloaded a handful of programs and each of them failed to detect the SIM card that was already mounted in my card reader. The one program I found that does work is A GSM Sim Manager, which is free and very small but allowed me to finally load the contents of my SIM card for viewing and eventual exporting to the new card to be purchased.

And so ends my search for software drivers I never really needed in the first place.

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