Optimize your computers with Agomo.

It’s amazing how the cloud has become a part of our online lives. We use it to store our files, create documents and scan for malware. And now we’re about to use it to optimize our computers.

From the makers of the famed CCleaner utility comes Agomo, a multi-computer optimization tool that uses the cloud to do its magic. You simply install the client software on the computers you want to manage and from your computer you can optimize their performance and monitor their vital signs without leaving your seat.

Agomo features an online version of CCleaner that works exactly the same as the famed system cleaner, except the Agomo version is able to clean every user profile on your computers, a feature I’ve long been missing from the downloadable version.

There’s also an online version of Defraggler that’s able to analyze and defragment hard drives on your computers without you having to go to each computer to run it. It looks and runs exactly the same as the Defraggler you download.

I sense that Piriform worked in remnants from its famed Speccy utility that gives you detailed information on your computer’s hardware and installed software, but in Agomo you get real-time reports on memory, CPU and bandwidth usage. You can even remotely install new software across the computers in your network. This is seriously nerdy stuff.

At this time I only have one computer running Windows, so it won’t make much sense for me to use Agomo when I already have the other Piriform utilities installed. But I do see potential to add some additional computers which I can manage remotely, such as computers belonging to members of my family who often need my services to speed them up. Then Agomo will truly shine.

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