Back up your Android data.

I was browsing through the Google Play store in search of a utility that’s able to back up the data on my phone as I prepared to purchase a new phone as part of my move to a different mobile carrier. I was hoping to find something that would back up all my apps so I wouldn’t have to re-install them all on the new phone.

SyncDroid is one backup program I found, and although it doesn’t back up my apps, it does back up all my other data, including contacts, saved text messages and photos to my PC for easy transfer to the new phone.

The neat thing about SyncDroid is that it comes as both an Android app and a Windows program you can install on your PC. The two programs work together to transfer your phone data over your wireless network to a local folder on your PC.

But the neatness doesn’t stop there. The Android version of SyncDroid is also capable of backing up your data directly to your Dropbox, which is another reason why I find Dropbox so handy. Either way, you’ll never lose your phone data again.

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