Blowing up traffic lights.

Today I began my mission to start blowing up traffic lights. I have had it with them. They do nothing but waste gas, make us late for work and shorten the time we spend with loved ones. My mind was made up to start blowing them up, one by one, starting with the traffic light at a busy intersection near where I live.

Gathering all the courage I could muster, I grabbed my camera and drove to the intersection at which hung the first traffic light I planned to blow up. After making sure the coast was clear, I got a picture of the intersection bearing my first target.


Then I used my camera’s zoom function to get a closer shot of the offending traffic lights.


Satisfied with the progress I made so far, I returned home and copied the pictures to my computer, where I was able to crop the image of one of the traffic lights. As expected the cropped image was too small, so I blew it up to a much larger size.


That’s one traffic light blown up so far.

My mission has only just begun.

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