Make your own handwritten fonts.

I’m getting ready to dust off my Wacom tablet and get back to drawing cartoons and comics. Where there’s cartoons and comics, there’s bound to be dialogue, and where there’s dialogue, there’s bound to be fonts.

In the past I used the fonts that came with Windows for my cartoons and comics which worked nicely, but this time I’m taking things to a different level. I want to use a font with letters that have a hand-written feel for that personal touch.

So I did a search for some comic book fonts and tried a handful of them before coming up a better idea. What if I could make my own font in my own handwriting without spending a dime? This site allows you to do just that.

It didn’t take me long to create a font I can truly call my own. All I had to do was print out the template, fill it in with samples of my handwriting, scan the completed form and then upload the image file to MyScriptFont. Minutes later I downloaded my very own handwritten font I can install and use just like any font.


And so I have arrived at the font I will use in my comics.

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