Chapter 26 – Along The Tunnel.

The two men continued running along the pitch black tunnel that seemed to stretch on forever. Their feet struck the pavement with loud footsteps that echoed into the seemingly infinite reaches of the mysterious tunnel that defied both explanation and existence. James led the way as he was the one holding the flashlight and Bob followed from close behind, determined not to lose sight of the flashlight as it was the sole means of illumination in the tunnel.

Suddenly James stopped running.

“What’s wrong?” Bob asked, startled at the abrupt end to the run.

James took a minute to catch his breath. “This is Chapter 26, correct?”

“Why, yes, we’re in Chapter 26.” Bob confirmed.

“What happened in Chapter 25?” James asked.

Bob paused, deep in thought. Then he answered. “I don’t remember what happened in Chapter 25.”

“Or Chapter 24? Chapter 12? What about Chapter 1? How did we even get in this tunnel and where are we even going?”

Bob did not answer, his emotions concocting a sour mixture of puzzlement and panic.

“Let me ask you this,” James continued, “is there even a Chapter 25?

“What if there is?” Bob finally spoke.

What if there isn’t?

The eerie silence in the tunnel was soon replaced by the resonating screams of two terrified men.

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