Upgrade your pedometers.

Pictured here are two pedometers.


The pedometer on the left is your basic pedometer. All it does is count the number of steps taken throughout the day and displays this number on its LCD panel. In order to convert this number to a more meaningful equivalent it is necessary to visit a separate web site capable of handling the conversion from steps to miles. There were plenty of times when I lost the running total due to something pressing down on the reset button, such as my shirt or work apron. Not exactly a reliable pedometer but it’s the one I was using to count my steps at work.

However, the pedometer on the right is one I purchased a few days ago from Sports Authority. It’s made by Sportline and is a way more sophisticated instrument. Not only does it count the number of steps, it also reports the distance walked, calories burned along with the timed duration of the workout. Before I could use it, I had to program it with my height and weight and from there it was able to calculate my stride for more accurate measurements of my steps. I tried it out at work today and in the course of my 5-hour shift, I took 22,562 steps that spanned 11.394 miles and burned 1,277.2 calories. Not bad for working a part-time job!

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