The return of my old blog, kind of.

Just for kicks I was recently Googling for my online moniker just to see which sites have it mentioned. The results page shows mostly social media sites where I have accounts, such as Twitter and Soundcloud, although on occasion I see links to my blog posted by those frequenting the many online discussion forums. On rare occasions I find something really interesting, as in someone using my blog’s old address on Blogger for their own blog. Curiously enough, each post there is nearly identical in its wording except it mentions a different haircare or skincare product, but there’s a link to the online store where that product can be purchased.

What I find especially interesting is that out of all the addresses available for blogs, this person chose to use my old Blogger address. There are web sites that still link to that address so it must be a good source of traffic for this new blog. I don’t want to give it too much publicity but I just find its origins interesting.

I’m okay with it all, though. This blog has been on WordPress long enough for its presence to be known and is getting good traffic, so I’m not expecting any confusion to arise from this new blog that’s using the same address I once used myself.


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