A nasty browser hijacker.

I was working at a computer that couldn’t get far on the Internet without this annoying page popping up.

2015-04-13 13_23_18-Windows Browser warning! - Internet Explorer

To make matters worse, a Javascript pop-up window with a phone number kept appearing and would not go away no matter how many times you clicked on the button to close it. I suspect there are multiple instances of this window to keep it on your screen and to keep you from going anywhere else on the Web.

The site producing this page is pc-support-messages.com, which is one of the nastiest browser hijackers I’ve seen. You can only go to a few web sites before this hijacker kicks in and takes you to the page claiming your computer is infected.

I attempted a reset of Internet Explorer, which didn’t fix the issue. I also ran a scan using the Malwarebytes Antimalware scanner, which found and removed the malware, but the problem still persisted, much to my surprise.

I think what saved the day was the HerdProtect scanner I keep on the flash drive attached to my keychain. It too found some malware, and after removing them the problem finally disappeared.

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