Renaming your Kindle devices without conflict.

I have an Android phone loaded with apps I use often, including Box, Dropbox and Kindle. From time to time I check the Google Play Store for any updates to these apps, and installing them is always tricky due to the limited free space on my phone. As a workaround I temporarily remove the Kindle app as its data takes up the most storage space. Before I do this, I deregister the device from the app’s main menu to avoid duplicate Android devices from appearing on the “Manage Your Devices” page I access after logging on my account at Amazon’s site. When all the updates are installed, I then re-install the Kindle app and re-download my books.

A few days ago I noticed that my phone kept showing up as “Michael’s 2nd Android Device” on the “Manage Your Devices” page, which was odd considering I had only one such device. I tried renaming it to “Michael’s Android Device” but Amazon responded by saying that the name was already in use. This made no sense whatsoever.

I did a quick search and arrived at this discussion forum in which other Kindle users were reporting the same problem. I scrolled down the page and came across a post from one user who found the solution.

There’s a separate page at Amazon for configuring the Instant Video Settings and it’s here where the list of registered devices are stored. Sure enough, I saw “Michael’s Android Device” and “Michael’s 2nd Android Device” listed there and was able to deregister them. Finally, I was able to easily rename my Kindle app to the desired name.

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