Recovery Radio Raw.

I currently work at the Home Depot as a Lot Associate in which I venture into the parking lot to retrieve shopping carts and to help customers load their cars. Throughout the day I see many cars come and go, mostly customers from home seeking materials to compete their home improvement projects. I also see trucks from local businesses such as plumbers and electrical technicians pull in to replenish their supplies. Still other times I see cars with signs to indicate small business owners, such as mobile pet grooming.

Occasionally I’ll see something interesting enough to post about, like the sight I saw while at work today. There was a large, colorfully decorated truck with the words “Recovery Radio Raw” that pulled into the parking lot. Its driver was a heavily tattooed man whose photo appears on the truck. As I continued retrieving shopping carts from the parking lot, I took a closer look at the truck’s exterior graphics and read the words that were visible. Then I started getting a clearer idea of what this was all about.

Recovery Radio Raw is an Internet radio show devoted to discussing various forms of addiction and the 12-step programs available to overcome them. The tattooed man I saw was Indian Bob, who is the host of the show. Although I’d never heard of him or his show until I saw that truck in the parking lot, I began to appreciate the good this guy’s doing. I’ll have to check out his show sometime.

While I’m fortunate enough not to suffer from addiction, I’m passing this along in case you or someone you know needs help overcoming it. There are people who’ve gone down the same path and made it through. Indian Bob is one of them, and it’s good that he’s sharing what it took for him to recover.

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