Clean your Android with Clean Master.

Among the collection of apps I have on my Android phone are apps for cleaning my phone and optimizing its battery usage. Handling the rightful duties are DU Speed Booster and DU Battery Saver, both of which are excellent apps I recommend.

Then I saw ads on Facebook about Clean Master, supposedly the world’s most trusted app for phone optimization. Just out of curiosity I decided to try it out.

Compared to Speed Booster, Clean Master has more features. It reports how much storage space is left on your phone and intelligently scans for junk files for removal. One of the problems I kept having with Speed Booster was my Kindle e-book library disappearing after the trash files were purged. Eventually I figured how to add Kindle to the ignore list to keep this from happening. Clean Master on the other hand recognizes my e-book files and leaves them alone during its cleaning operations.

Clean Master has an interesting feature called Phone Cooler that alerts you when your phone’s running too hot and terminates some background apps to reduce the load on your phone. It also alerts you when apps are restarting too many times or causing your phone to lag so you can easily resolve those issues as well. Overall I found this to be an impressive app that seems to have earned its popular reputation.

I also tried out Battery Doctor to see how it compares to Battery Saver. Both apps are virtually identical in terminating those apps that drain the battery and displays the percentage of power remaining in the status bar.

I still prefer DU Speed Booster and Battery Saver and will continue using them. Both of those apps have worked well for me since day one and there’s no need for me to part with them now.

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