RIP Cinema du Comical Cartoon Calamities.


Cinema du Comical Cartoon Calamities was an old site I did that had cheesy animations of stick figures getting killed along with some scary Flash movies. It did quite well during its heyday and received much traffic until I decided to close my site and let expire. During the years that followed I am certain that my visitors moved on with their lives instead of continuing to depend on stick figure death animations to enrich their very lives.

A few years ago I re-registered and now use it for this blog. At one point I decided to bring back the Cinema for old time’s sake and re-uploaded all my animated GIF files for posterity. I even began to look for ways to present my Flash movies as well, but as from my recent series of unfortunate events on Newgrounds, I don’t think anyone really misses the Cinema anymore. Everyone’s moved on and it’s time I did too.

The Cinema itself came into being during an unhappy time in my life. At the time I was single and lonely with no friends. I lived alone and rarely left my apartment when I wasn’t working, so I made the animations as a way to make some friends online. For a while that strategy worked. I hung out on some discussion forums where all we did was share our animations and critique them. Soon it dawned on me that I was the oldest one there. The other users were in their early teens and here I was in my 30s and sharing my childish animations with them. That did not feel right at all but I continued to hang out in the forums as this was my entire social life.

Since then things have definitely changed for me. I have more real-life friends I see face to face, so there’s no need for me to make animations as a way to connect with them. My interests have changed as I’m now more engaged with photography and writing fiction. I think it’s time to leave my unhappy past behind and in doing that, it’s also time to shut down Cinema du Comical Cartoon Calamities for good. There will be no mention of it again. Ever.

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