Introducing the Demon-Possessed Stick.


I’m sure you’re curious about the origins of this evil-looking stick figure I use as my profile picture on Twitter, WordPress and Instagram. Read on and you shall be illuminated.

It all started with an animation I made years ago, an animation called Possessed by a Demon in which a stick figure is taken over by a small demon and himself becomes a demon, more specifically, the Demon-Possessed Stick. This is the animation that marked his debut.


It began to dawn on me that I had something going here. I had just created my very own character, one that matches who I am. I started with the ordinary by creating a standard stick figure and then I blazed a new path into unchartered creative territory and ended up with something original. This is the creative approach I use often and it’s worked wonders. It seems ideal to use this character as my profile picture across the various social media sites.

But the Demon-Possessed Stick was just getting started. He made another appearance in a later animation entitled The Grand Finale that featured some of my other characters.


Then he was brought back for the Demon Stick Dance page, an entire page filled with dancing demons.

d1 d2 d3
d4 d5 d6

And finally, I came up with a 3-D rendered portrait of my beloved character that I would use to represent me online.


By now it was clear to me that a mere figment of my imagination had now taken on a new life of its own and continues to mark my presence on social media with its menacing glare.

And now you know the rest of the story.

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