Shaving with Harry’s.

Like many guys, I shave frequently. But the worst part of shaving (besides the razor cuts) is buying the blades, which are quite expensive and take a big bite out of my wallet.

I’ve been seeing a lot of online ads for Harry’s and decided to try them out. Their prices for blades look more reasonable than the store-bought ones, so I decided to place an order for one of their shaving plans that keep the blades coming each month. In setting up my account, I was asked how often I shave. I shave pretty much every day, so I was set up with 8 blades and a free razor handle. I couldn’t wait for them to arrive so I could try them out.

Yesterday my package arrived and this morning I did my first shave with Harry’s. The first thing I noticed was the razor handle being lighter than the one I was using before, which makes for better shaving control. It’s also very stylish, too. It’s not too often you get to choose its color when ordering. I picked Navy Blue for mine.

The blades themselves are very sharp, no doubt way sharper than the other blades I was using. That alone makes a big difference. At the same time though, it was also very comfortable even with my cheap foam shaving cream. I may have to fine-tune my shaving routine as not to cut my face so much.

All in all, I’m glad I made the switch to Harry’s. I know this post sounds like an ad but this is something worth checking out if you too struggle with the financial burden associated with shaving. It’s nice to see some help to ease that burden without sacrificing quality.

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