The return of Stick Death.

Recently I noticed the return of Stick Death, one of my favorite stick figure death sites from many years ago when the animated death genre was the rage of the web. Back then there were numerous web sites that had animations of stick figures meeting their dooms, and Stick Death was certainly a good source of violent but harmless fun. I noticed the site’s author linked to a recent snapshot of as captured by the Internet Archive. While he won’t be able to upload any new animations, the old ones are on display for posterity.

This gave me an idea for bringing back Cinema du Comical Cartoon Calamities, my own site of animated death cartoons. Sure enough, the Internet Archive saved a snapshot of it during its heyday with the animations mostly intact. Even better, I won’t have to do anything further to secure its unlikely legacy, and in the equally unlikely event someone even wants to visit it, it’s right there. I have no plans to make any more animations as I have moved on to more enjoyable online pastimes, so the Internet Archive is an ideal solution for me too.


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