The case of the missing music files.

My Android phone uses a micro SD card on which all my music files reside. I never had any problems accessing my music until two days ago when I copied over some more music to the card. Afterwards my phone began to run very slowly and before I knew it, the entire card was overwritten with some strange file that replaced the folder structure that was there previously. I still don’t know what caused this to occur, although it was probably from too many apps running in memory that placed a heavy load on my poor phone.

To make a long story short, I had to re-format my memory card and restore the music files from backup. The next step was to change my ringtone and notification sounds, but when I tried selecting the two files from my music library for this purpose, I noticed those two files were missing. I could see some of my other files so I began to sense perhaps I didn’t copy everything over.

The mystery deepened when I pulled up the file manager on my phone and sure enough, all the music files I needed to copy were there, yet most of them were absent from my music player’s playlist as well as from the list of available ringtones and notification sounds.

So I began to search online for a solution to this problem and came across this page which had this solution:

Here is another method I’ve used to completely delete and build a new database:

Settings>>Applications>>Manage Applications. Select the All Tab. Scroll down to Media Storage and select it. Clear the Data (acknowledge you want to do this). THEN

Settings>>SD Card and phone storage. Select Unmount SD Card. When it’s unmounted, take it out and put it back in. When the card is fully mounted, the Media Scanner Service will begin.

I noticed that after I remounted my SD card, my music player didn’t detect any music files at all, so I restarted my phone, and after that everything finally showed up.

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