Standing at the crossroads.

I have reached that point in my life where I need to stop and think where I’m headed and whether I will encounter true happiness along the way. I have traveled down other paths before this one and they led me through constant stress and frustration, so to turn back now and return to those paths is meaningless.

I have traveled down paths I thought would lead me to a lengthy career filled with opportunities, but they were just mirages that weren’t visible until I got close enough for smoke and mirrors to lift out of sight and the dead ends fully exposed. I have been on similar paths earlier in life that also concealed such sinister trickery. For a while I thought I was happy with where I was but eventually the happiness wore off and the ugly truth began to set in, which effectively derailed my further travels down the route I thought would take me to a lengthy career.

For some time I was pursuing a job doing tech support in a call room. I considered myself computer-savvy enough to solve basic computer problems and issues with Internet connectivity, so it felt like I had a good chance to get hired and I made up my mind that this was the kind of work I wanted to do. After numerous job interviews I finally landed myself the job I thought I had been looking for. I was hired to work in a call room providing Internet tech support and for a while I thought it was a cool enough job for me to enjoy. But as the months passed I began to tire of my job. It was nothing but sitting at a computer and reciting the same script over and over as if I was a robot. Soon I began to hate my job and that attitude clearly showed up in my work, and I was let go. So much for a career in tech support. Since then I have ruled out ever working in a call room again.

I had other jobs that led me down similar paths. At the start I thought they were cool jobs but towards the end I had difficulties staying on the path that would have led me to furthering my career development but I fell astray of managerial expectations and instead took detours to a premature exit.

As I write this post I am working as a lot associate where I spend most of my day pushing shopping carts across the parking lot. Too many times I wonder if this is where I really want to be and I conclude every time that the answer is no. I like my job and do it well but I just don’t see this one as the one I’ve been waiting for. I know deep down I still need to keep searching, no matter how tired I am of it.

So here I am at the crossroads, pondering my next move. I want to be able to choose a different path this time, one that will lead me away from phone calls and 8-hour monotones. I see a possible route ahead that leads through uncharted territory, for I have never traveled it before, yet I’m willing to give it a try.

I’m thinking of pursuing a career as a free-lance writer. I keep hearing compliments on my writing abilities and even I impress myself with the way I put words together. Perhaps it’s finally time to capitalize on this talent and generate some income along the way.

I have purchased two books from Amazon to help me get started, starting with Freelance Writing: How Anyone can Start Making Money from Home by Writing Online, which looks like a nice quick read. I haven’t finished it yet but I’m already getting assurances that this could be a worthwhile career move.

I also bought 141 Websites & Magazines that Pay You to Write!: Ultimate Reference Guide for Freelance Writers. I already have plenty of poems and stories I can submit for publication, and I’m hoping they make it to print. That alone will be worth the effort I’m more than willing to make.

Stay tuned.

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