The world’s smallest Bluetooth speaker.

Recently I became interested in investing in a Bluetooth speaker for streaming my music anywhere around my house, including outside on the patio while I’m cooking on the grill. I didn’t want to spend very much and was even considering purchasing a cheap speaker from the toy department at Walmart. But when I went there to make the purchase, I didn’t see any toy Bluetooth speakers so I headed to the electronics department to see what alternatives were available, and that’s when I saw the tiny Groove Cube speaker. At $10 it fit my budget perfectly, so I bought one.

This thing is TINY. To give you an idea of its vast tininess, here it is next to a quarter.


Okay, so the size is impressive, but what about the sound quality? That question got answered tonight while I was tending to my manly ritual of cooking on the grill. I had the Groove Cube outside on the patio streaming music from the radio upstairs. It only took me a minute to complete the pairing process, so that part was fast and easy.

There was a moment when I had to step inside the house for a moment to get some clean dishes from the kitchen for carrying in the freshly cooked food from the grill. When I stepped back outside on the patio, the sound quality of the music streaming from the Groove Cube had me thinking I had a much larger radio outside. The sound quality is that good.

The downside is that you only get 90 minutes of usage before you have to charge the battery again. A USB cable is included along with a lanyard and jack pin so you can have it with you anywhere your phone goes.

The Groove Cube also doubles as a hands-free device for using your phone. I haven’t tried this feature yet but I will someday. I already consider this the best $10 I ever spent.

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