An old man looks at the sea.

Ron and Karen were comfortably reclined in their lounge chairs on deck while admiring the view of the clear, moonlit night over the sea on which their cruise ship made its journey.

“Look at this,” Ron said. “We’re on a cruise ship traveling through the middle of nowhere. If you look off in the distance you can see where the water meets the sky and nothing else. No city lights, no sign of land, nothing but water all around us. We have truly departed the hectic life that awaits our return.

“Now imagine this very spot we’re now traveling on, but without this ship passing through. Imagine only the water on which the moonlight dances, the wind able to fly great distances uninterrupted and the entire area completely free of noise except for the occasional whisper of the wind.”

Karen was impressed. “I never knew you had such a poetic vision.”

“Well,” Ron replied. “At my age, my eyesight may not be what it used to be, so I learned to develop a separate vision of poetry to see what my eyes cannot. Besides, it’s much better than wearing glasses.”

And so their cruise ship traveled on.

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