George Washington’s Secret Six.


George Washington’s Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution is one of the more interesting books I’ve come across. It tells the story of the Culper spy ring that was formed by General George Washington as a last resort during his most trying time during the American Revolutionary War. A total of six agents worked in secret to obtain British intelligence that was ultimately used to turn the tide and help save the Revolution.

The intriguing story unfolds like a spy thriller and there’s no choice but to keep reading to see what happens. The Culper ring ran into difficulty and danger but its persistence helped ensure its success as well as the victory of the fledgling United States. This is a story every American needs to read.

Like the other books I mentioned in previous posts, I borrowed George Washington’s Secret Six from my local library’s e-book collection at Overdrive for reading on my Kindle.

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