Harry’s surreal visit.

Harry and his wife Sue were in town visiting Sue’s parents Ron and Karen for the weekend. It was an uneventful visit so far, with Harry relaxing in front of the TV in the living room while Sue was doing some grocery shopping. Yes, things were very uneventful, that is, until Ron walked into the living room clad in his bathing suit with a beach towel draped around his neck.

“Who’s up for a swim?” he announced.

Harry was surprised to see Ron suddenly appear in a bathing suit, especially when he hadn’t even announced any plans to go swimming. And look, Karen entered the living room, dressed in her one-piece swimsuit, to join Ron in standing in front of Harry.

“Where are we going?” Harry asked. “The beach?”

“No, the pool,” Karen replied.

“What pool?”

“The one in the back yard.” Karen pointed towards the window.

Harry looked out the living room window that offered a view of the back yard and saw the usual arrangement of grass, bushes and trees, but alas, there was no swimming pool in sight.

“Um, Ron,” Harry countered, “You do realize there’s nothing but grass in the back yard, right?”

“On the contrary,” Ron said, “there’s an Olympic-sized swimming pool there too. What, you don’t see it? Come on, I’ll show you.”

Ron and Karen escorted a very confused Harry outside where they all stood in the back yard.

“Ron, are you feeling all right?” Harry asked.

“Never felt better,” Ron replied, taking a deep breath of fresh air. “Ah, what a gorgeous day for a swim.”

Ron tossed down his towel and walked near the fence that bordered the back yard. “This is something our son Ian taught us before he moved out.”

“Um, Ian actually taught you something?” Harry asked, not believing what he just heard.

“Yes,” Ron replied as he reached for the sky with one hand and lifted one foot off the ground. Suddenly he appeared to be climbing an invisible ladder as he rose higher off the ground. “Ian taught us the power of imagination. To imagine new possibilities with such intensity that they appear real in our minds, like this swimming pool you don’t even see. But to Karen and me, it’s there, and man, does the water look inviting.”

By now Ron had reached the top of the invisible ladder and began walking across the air well above the ground. Harry looked on nervously as Ron looked down on the grass from above.

“Ian always did like to play pretend,” Ron continued, “Every time I ask him about it, he always says he’s using his imagination. I usually dismiss it as some childish answer but now, I realize the possibilities that open up when you look at things a little differently from the same old point of view. Watch this.”

Ron took a few small steps forward before executing a flying jump off the invisible diving board that catapulted him high into the air, placing him on a direct path towards the ground below.

“Ron, NO!” Harry screamed.

Ron continued his glide towards the ground while doing a flip in a cannonball position. Then he abruptly straightened out his body before proceeding with a double flip before jackknifing directly into the ground with a splash. Harry had to jump backwards to avoid getting hit by the flying water that suddenly materialized from the grass. A few seconds later Ron’s head resurfaced just above the grass, his head completely soaked with his face lit up with a big grin. “So, what did you think of my dive?” he asked.

“This is CRAZY!” Harry yelled as he watched Ron swim around the back yard. “This isn’t even possible! You’re actually swimming in the GRASS?” Harry walked to the spot where Ron had landed from his dive and found solid ground. “What on earth is going on here?”

“Um, Harry,” Ron said, “You’re standing on the water.”

Harry looked down at his feet and before he could argue that he was still standing on the grass, he suddenly disappeared into the invisible swimming pool with a splash.

To be continued…

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