Riding the river of oatmeal.

“Did you get the oatmeal going?” Ron asked Karen as she joined him and Harry in the living room.

“Yes,” Karen replied, “I made a double portion.” Ron grinned.

“Why is she cooking oatmeal now?” Harry asked. “We just had lunch!”

“Don’t worry,” Ron countered, “It’ll all make sense in a minute.”

“Yeah,” Harry replied. “Much like swimming in the grass made sense.”

Ron and Karen laughed, leaving Harry in deeper confusion. “But that was something, wasn’t it?” Ron asked.

Harry wasn’t paying attention. He was busy studying the large pot on the stove in the kitchen. The lid began to rattle as the water began to boil.

“Actually, this is something you can do when you get home,” Ron continued. “Just imagine having a swimming pool in your side or back yard. You do have a good sized back yard, so just imagine the pool there as deep and as wide as you want it.”

Harry was watching the lid on the pot rattle a little harder. “The water’s boiling,” he said.

“Every day, imagine this swimming pool in your back yard. Focus with intensity until you can almost see it. Imagine it with every thought you have and soon it will become real in your mind.”

Harry watched as the oatmeal began to flow over the side of the pot onto the stove and onto the kitchen floor. “The oatmeal’s overflowing now,” he said.

“And when the swimming pool becomes real in your mind, all you have to do is put on your bathing suit and jump in. It’s as easy as that.”

“The oatmeal is REALLY overflowing now,” Harry reported as he watched the oatmeal completely cover the kitchen floor as it continued flowing from the pot. He was surprised to observe that this was of no concern whatsoever to Ron and Karen who looked much too relaxed to even care about the huge mess in the kitchen now advancing towards the living room.

“The power of imagination,” Karen added. “It’s a power we all have but don’t use often, but we should.”

The deepening layer of oatmeal had now reached the living room with even more flowing from the pot in the kitchen. Again, Ron and Karen were completely oblivious to what was happening, not even as the oatmeal began to lift their couch off the floor. Harry began to sense that this was exactly what they wanted.

“Here we go,” Ron smiled. “I love this part.”

The sofa was now floating on top of the oatmeal and now began to drift on what was now a slow moving river. The river took the sofa outside where Harry was startled to see oatmeal flowing everywhere as one huge river reaching as far as he could see. He looked towards Ron and Karen and as usual they had on faces of contentment as if enjoying the ride.

“Just go with the flow,” Ron said. “Let yourself go free and let the oatmeal carry you away from your troubles.”

“But where are we going?” Harry yelled.

“At our age, who cares?” Ron replied calmly. “We have all the time in the world now. Just sit back, relax and go with the flow of the oatmeal. We’ll all find out where it takes us.”

And so everyone rode on the river of oatmeal until their sofa disappeared in the distance.

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