Jamming with the Jup.

I work in the town of Jupiter, Florida, where I don’t think many of its residents are aware of their town having its own radio station. The call letters are WJUP-LP but it’s better known as The Jup. It broadcasts on 103.9 on your FM dial and is a low power station, so its signal is weak and doesn’t cover as wide an area as the larger radio stations do. But it does serve up music from decades past, including songs I haven’t heard in years, so this station is a real treat to tune in whenever I drive through Jupiter.

I remember this station started out as WJTW, which also featured older music along with interesting stories on the history of Jupiter as well as information on historical places to visit in Florida. Since then the station has grown to bring its own DJ on board along with hourly news and frequent weather reports.

This seems to be a unique concept in radio stations. A low power station that covers only a small area and allows local businesses there to advertise their services to give the station a hometown feel. I can’t help wonder how many such stations there are in this country.

You can listen to The Jup’s online stream here.

UPDATE: It looks like this station’s changed again. It’s been recently acquired by Omega Church Radio and now plays gospel music under the new call letters WOIB.

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