Listening to the radio on the lonely road at night.

There I go, driving down a lonely road during the blackness of night while completely surrounded by darkness, pierced only by my headlights reaching out to illuminate the road a short distance ahead. Traffic here is scarce, and I’m the only one on this road in some remote section of the state, well out of the way of the hectic outskirts of one of the many metropolitan locales near where I live, but for now I’ve chosen to briefly exchange my hectic city life for an excursion into some secluded area for some peace and quiet just to get away from it all, even if for just a few hours.

It gets a little too quiet, so I switch on the radio. And that’s when I realize I am no longer alone. Roaming through the surrounding darkness and emerging from the foliage alongside the road are radio signals nearing the end of their journey as they close in on my car’s antenna. I imagine the location of the radio station that transmitted these signals, probably off in the distance somewhere and manned by a lonely disk jockey spinning some tunes for an unseen audience. These signals left the transmitter in flight, gliding high over unsuspecting homes and roadways before making their way toward an undeveloped stretch of land where trees, plants and other foliage still stood while sharing their space with the wildlife that lived there. Onward the signals flew into the darkness, slowly losing their strength but still flying nonetheless as they edged their way through the night before finally reaching my car. That’s when I hear music to accommodate my drive with the appropriate soundtrack.

And I drive on.

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