The man who knew where everything was.

There is a story told of Sam Woodknox, an employee at a major home improvement warehouse chain who knew where everything was in the store. When he was hired, Woodknox took the time to memorize the location of every single item in every aisle of the store, a monumental task equivalent of memorizing the name of every person in attendance at a football game in a stadium filled to capacity.

Woodknox worked as a greeter to welcome customers and answer their questions regarding the location of a certain item they were looking for. Not only did he know where the item was, he also gave crystal clear directions to that item’s exact location in the aisle where it was located, much to the amazement of both the customers and the employees. Woodknox only smiled and sheepishly acknowledged he was only doing his job.

Then one day some undercover police officers entered the store. As usual Woodknox was standing at the front door where he greeted them.

“Good afternoon,” one of the police officers said, “We’ve gotten reports of some employees of this store who are engaged in a drug smuggling operation and using this store to hide shipments of illegal drugs. Would you know anything about that?”

“Ah, yes,” Woodknox smiled. “The boxes are hidden on aisles 7,15 and 21 on the top shelves.”

“Thank you,” the officer replied. “That’s all we need to know.”

Later police conducted a raid of the store to confiscate the drug shipments and arrest the employees who took part in the smuggling operation. As the employees were escorted out of the store in handcuffs, they cast an angry stare at Woodknox that seemed to tell him he was no longer safe working at the store. That was when he abruptly resigned and disappeared to an undisclosed location, where it is believed he may be employed at a different store to impress both customers and employees with his gift of knowing where everything was in the store.


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